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planning for retirement

Where Am I Now?

Retirement planning can be downright intimidating. (That's probably why many haven't calculated what they'll need in retirement.) The good news is that, as a union member, you likely get higher wages, better benefits and greater job security than folks who don't belong to a union. And, if you focus on it now, you can accumulate a lot more cash for your golden years than you may have thought possible. The sooner you start, the better prepared you're going to be.

For most of us, retirement income will be a combination of:


First, figure out where you are in your planning process with this online Retirement Road Map tool.

Then use these calculators to get a general idea of whether you are on track. If you are not sure of some of the figures, estimate the best you can.

Take a deep breath. If you are worried that retirement planning is just a pipe dream because you are too busy trying to pay today's expenses, you are not alone.

Now is the time to turn things around by getting a clear picture of your income and expenses. This information will be essential, both for estimating your retirement needs, and for finding ways to free up money for savings and investments.


To do:

Use these calculators to see where your money is going.
Learn how to save more money.


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Where am I now?
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How much will I have?

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