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Retirement savings or income

How Much Will I Have?

Now that we have discussed the major sources of retirement income, you should be in a good position to estimate what your retirement income will be based on your current benefits plus savings and investments.

Start by using this chart to estimate how long you are expected to live based on your current age. (The life expectancy of Americans born in 2005 rose to 77.9 years, making it the highest on record. Life expectancy for women is 80.4 years on average, and 75.2 for men.)

Then use these calculators to get a clear picture of where you are:

Retirement Planning Calculators


If your current planning doesn't put you where you want to be, then you can focus on ways to increase your savings. We have devoted an entire section of this web site to give you ideas how to do that.



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Where am I now?
How much will I need?
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How much will I have?

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