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Financial Retirement Planning, Personal Retirement savings, and Money Saving Tips

Personal Savings

The American savings rate has dipped below zero, and most of us aren't saving as much as we should or could be. Personal savings is your financial foundation for your retirement savings and meeting your financial planning for retirement goals. Saving, both for future goals as well as emergencies, can give you peace of mind. Learn how to boost your savings via our money-saving ideas here.

Keep in mind that you do not have to save within a formal retirement account. Personal retirement savings sources can include:

One of the advantages of personal savings sources for retirement are that they usually are very liquid (it's easy to get your money out), and you can save as much as you want. If you are working on financial planning for retirement and are saving well, then increasing your savings to meet your retirement savings goals should be a piece of cake!

More Money-Saving Tips

A little extra money can go a long way in helping you achieve your financial planning retirement goals. Learn ways to save and achieve your financial planning retirement savings targets through these money saving tips:


Savings Calculators and Retirement Planning Calculators

Savings Calculators & Financial Planning Tools

The most effective money-saving ideas will probably be ones you come up with on your own. Try the calculators and tools listed below to see what a difference various strategies could make. You'll find they can make it much easier for you to meet your retirement savings goals.


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