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Savings Calculators and Retirement Planning Calculators

Savings Calculators and Retirement Planning Calculators

Retirement planning calculators

Union Plus Retirement Planning Calculators and our other planning tools can help you plan for retirement more efficiently. Using the financial guidelines derived from your calculations, you'll find it easier to set, plan and achieve your Retirement Goals.

Savings calculators

Use our Savings Calculators and some smart money saving tips to help with life event planning.

IRA calculators

Not sure when or how to start a retirement savings plan of your own? Let our IRA calculators help you achieve your savings goals.

Investing & Retirement Planning

For most of us, saving for retirement is our most important financial goal. We may live 20 or 30 years after we stop working. Financial planners strongly advise against depending entirely on the income you receive from Social Security. Looking for more information on investment basics?

Life event planning

It's hard to plan for life events — especially since so many of them are unexpected. But when you have clear, achievable financial goals, it's easier to keep a steady course despite the gusts of good or bad fortune that may blow your way.


The strategies you use to manage taxes can have a big impact on the growth and preservation of your retirement savings. Although the tax laws are complicated, our financial planning tools can help you make the right moves — and avoid some of the wrong ones.

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